Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Shai Resource Reserve photo available map available

The reserve consists of a very striking and attractive range of rocky hills set in the middle of expansive open and wooded grassland plains. At present, the reserve supports 31 species of mammals, more than 175 species of birds and 13 reptile species.

Boabeng-Fiema Sanctuary photo available map available

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is Ghana's most famous example of traditional African conservation. The sanctuary is nestled in between the two villages of Boabeng and Fiema; the sanctuary is home to over 200 Geoffroy's Pied Colobus and 500 Campbell's Mona Monkeys...

Kintampo Waterfalls photo available map available

These beautiful falls are hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi/Kintampo highway.

The Waterfalls of the Volta Region  photo available map available

Although some waterfalls may be seasonal, all are set in attractive wooded or mountain settings.

Kyabobo National Park photo available map available

A newly designated national park in the foothills of Mt Djebobo, on the border with Togo...

Lake Volta Estuary  map available

The estuary is an area of great scenic beauty, with river and ocean beaches, and picnic spots shaded by palm trees.

Tafi Monkey Village photo available map available

The sacred monkey sanctuaries around Tafi Atome, some 5km away from the Avatime Hills

Volta River  map available

The Volta River flows along the eastern edge of Brong Ahafo

Akatekyi crocodile pond photo available 

30km west of Takoradi, the local Fetish Priest entices the Crocodile from the water

Kakum National Park photo available map available

A 357km2 national park comprising undisturbed virgin rainforest.

Aburi Botanical Gardens photo available map available

These century – old botanical gardens, about one hour’s drive from Accra

Boti Falls photo available map available

Spectacular, but seasonal, waterfalls in the forest reserve at huhunya. In the immediate vicinity are cascades, at their best in June to August.

The Waterfalls of Begoro  map available

A series of falls and cascades surrounded by attractive woodlands and forest. Just the place for a picnic.

Atewa-Atwirebu Butterfly Sanctuary photo available 

10km north of Kibi is the magic forest of Atewa-Atwirebu. This nature lovers' paradise has over 150 different species of ferns and other flora.

Fuller Falls photo available map available

located a few kilometres nortwest, whose waters mysteriously disapper underground before....

Gbelle Game Reserve  map available

17km south of Tumu, the reserve (565km2) is a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife, particularly its large herds of Roan Antelope, and is part of Ghana's conservation programme.

Kakum Conservation Area Tree House photo available map available

This Conservation Area was formed in 1992, consisting of the Kakum National Park and the nearby Assin Attandaso Resource Reserve. The Tree House and 2-3 hour hike make a unique camping/hiking experience.

Ankasa Conservation Area  photo available map available

Ankasa Conservation Area is twin Wildlife Protected Area comprising Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is about 500km2 situated in the Western Region of Ghana. Ankasa is the only area in the Wet Evergreen Forest Zoo. The South-Western corner of the reserve is about 5 kilometres from the border town of Elubo. Takoradi is about 120 kilometres east...

Bui National Park photo available map available

It is well know for its hippos, and big antelopes such as the roan and hartebeest. At the Bui gorge, south of

Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve  map available

This nature reserve protect about five species of Monkey.

The Big Tree  photo available 

This is near Akim-Oda, and is supposed to be the largest tree in West Africa,

Wechiau Hippopotamus Sanctuary photo available map available

The Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary, a community protected area is located at the extreme north-western corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana. it consists of a 40-kilometres stretch down the length of the Black Volta River which forms the region’s western

The Bat Sanctuary (Sombo), Sacred Royal Python Sanctuary (Jafiiri)  

These are successful traditional wildlife reserves. Other interesting attraction in the region are the smoothly polished mushroom-shaped rock formation leaning

Avi-Fauna of the Kadjebi District  map available

There are several bird species in the Kadjebi District. These include waver birds,

Bobiri Forest Butterfly Sanctuary  photo available map available

Located 20km on the Kumasi – Accra highway, a quiet research centre for the Forestry Research Institute showcasing an arboretum,...

Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary   map available

About 80km northeast of Kumasi. The reserve showcases a rare tropical landscape. Vibrant waterfall and a wide variety...

Digya National Park  map available

Occupying 3.478 square kilometres of undulating terrain on the western shore of the Volta Lake. Made up of predominately Guinea Savannah Woodland and gallery forest along the major rivers,...

Owabi Forest Reserve and Bird Sanctuary   map available

Formally, Kumasi only source of drinking waster was the Owabi Reiver, located to the west of the city. When the river was dammed to create a reservoir, the resulting watershed extended deep into city’s nearby forests. The reservoir and forest have since become the natural habitat for...

The Great Boabab Tree (Adansonia Digitata)  map available

This peculiar baobab tree is another attraction in the Dodowa Forest. It served a very interesting purpose during the war. The Shai warriors were said to have fired their last bullets into this tree to declare the...

The Tsenku Waterfall  map available

The Tsenku Waterfall sits at the northern corner of the Dodowa Forest, taking its source from Obosmase (Akwapim ranges). This beautiful waterfall drops from a height of over 250 feet,...

The Bunso Arboretum Forest Reserve photo available map available

The Bunso Arboretum is a protected forest reserve, spanning 16.5 hectares. Half of this area is semi-deciduous forest while the other half is made up of indigenous trees, along with...

The Bunso Arboretum Butterfly Sanctuary photo available map available

The Bunso Arboretum has a butterfly sanctuary within the 16.5 hectares. Visitors will see many different kinds of butterflies flying...

Coastal Ramsar Sites - Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site  map available

The Muni-Pomadze Site encompasses an area of about 90 km2 comprising the water shed of the Muni Lagoon. However, the lagoon and flood plains is only 114ha. Eleven...

Coastal Ramsar Sites - Densu Delta  map available

This Ramsar site lies just West of Accra. The Densu River which feeds the wetland is about 116 km long, and it has an area of about 2,460 km2. The construction of the Weija dam in 1978, just 8 km inland from the Atlantic sea,

Coastal Ramsar Sites - Keta Lagoon  map available

The Ramsar site is 1200 km2 including the eastern bank of the Volta river and the Togo boarder. The surface area of the principal lagoon and the seasonal mud flats is over 300 km2.

The Amansuri Conservation Area photo available map available

The Conservation is a project been undertaken by the Amansuri Conservation & Integrated Development Project with the aim of managing the pristine Amansuri wetland and its fresh water lagoon. The wetland has

Bia National Park photo available map available

Bia National Park is bordered to the south with a 563 square kilometer Resource Reserve and is an International Biosphere Reserve Park...

Kalakpa Resource Reserve photo available map available

From Accra, Kalakpa Resource Reserve can be reached through Juapong on a branch off the main Accra to Ho road. The Ho to Abutia Kloe road through Sokode can access the reserve.

Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary  map available

The area boasts of the most spectacular geographical feature in the district. An hour's walk through cool shades of trees will lead you to Ghana's highest waterfalls.

Esen-epam forest reserve photo available map available

The reserve is near the town of Asantemanso has the largest tree in West Africa,...