Festivals and Events

Homowo Festival in Accra photo available map available

The famous Homowo festival takes place in August and September every year in Accra...

Hogbetsotso Festival  photo available map available

On the first Saturday of every November, a grand durbar of chiefs and people is held at Anloga, the traditional home of the Anlo-speaking Ewes.

Aboakye Festival photo available map available

This Festival is celebrated by the people of Simpa or Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana

Jintigi Fire Festival  map available

It is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Gonjaland in April every year.

Damba Festival photo available map available

The Damba festival is categorized into three main festivals, namely;

Bugum Chugu (Fire) Festival  

The Bugum Chugu is celebrated throughout the Northern Region by the Dagombas, the Nanumbas and the Mamprusis.

Asafotifiam  map available

Asafotifiam is an annual festival celebrated by the people of Ada.

Kpledjoo  map available

It is an annual festival to facilitate the recovery of the Sakuma Lagoon for burper harvest.

Kpini Chugu (Guinea Fowl Festival  

This festival is observed in the Dagbon, Mamprugu and Nanung Traditional Areas as a minor festival.

Gologo/Golib festival  

The Gologo or Golib festival is celebrated by the Telensis who reside at Tenzug.

Fao Festival  map available

It is held at Paga, Chiana, Kayoro in the Page/Chiana and Kayoro Traditional Areas.

Samanpiid Festival  map available

This Festival is celebrated by the Kusasis in the Bawku Traditional Area in November...

Feok Festival photo available map available

This is the annual festival of the people of Sandema in the Builsa. It is held...

Adaakoya Festival  map available

Adaakoya is celebrated at Bolgatanga and Zuarungu by the Gurunsis. It is held between....

Kuure Festival photo available map available

This is the festival of the people of Zaare who are predominatly blacksmiths.

Tengana Festival  map available

As a thankgiving offering, the Tengana Festival is held at balungu, Winkongo and...

Paragbiele Festival  map available

This festival is celebrated in the last week of January - 1st of February by the Tumu's.

Willa Festival  map available

Celebrated in 27st April, at Takpo,...

Zumbenti Festival  map available

Thanksgiving to ancestral gods, cleansing of the land of evil spirits and....

Kobina Festival  map available

This festival is a post-harvest event to acknowldge the spiritual guidance of the traditional...

Kakube Festival photo available map available

This festival is celebrated to thank family gods and ask them to bless the soil,...

Agbamevoza (kente festival) of the Agotime people  map available

The cheifs and people of Agotome traditional area, a few kilometres east of Ho, who are indeed Ga-Adanbhes celebrate their annual Kente festivals in August every year.

Amu (Rice) Festival of the people of vane in the Ho District photo available map available

As the name implies, the festival is centred around the harvest of rice so it is a harvest festival. It is celebrated at Vane

Sasadu Festival  map available

In October, any of the four communities forming the SASADU i.e. Saviefe,..

Dzawuwu Festival of Agave-Ewes  map available

In every February, the chiefs and people of the Agave traditional area celebrate their annual Dzawuwu festival at Dabala, their cief commercial centre....

Keta Sometutuza Festival  map available

Two weeks after the Anlo-Ewes celebrate Hogbetsotso festival, their cousins, the Some-Ewes celebrate their Keta-Sometutuza at Agbozume, their traditional home.

Ayimagonu Festival of Dofor-Ewes  

The chiefs and people of Dofor Traditional Area in North Tongu District have as their major town Dofor Adidome and...

Yam-Festival of the People of Ho and immediate environs  map available

In mid- September to September ending, the cheifs and people of Asogli Stre (Ho) and sorrounding areas such as Sokode...

Gbidukor Fetival of the Gbi-Ewes  map available

In November, the chiefs of Gbi (North) Hohoe areas and Gbi (South) Peki areas celebrate their annual...

Akwantutenten Festival of the people of Worawora (Akans)  map available

The chiefs and people of Warowaro who are Akans celebrate their new revived festival called Akwantutenten.

Glimetotoza of the Adaklu people  map available

The chiefs and people of Adaklu traditional area celebrate Glimetotoza to commemorate their exodus from Notsie in present-day Nortern Togo to their...

Apenorto Festival of the people of Mepe  map available

The chiefs and people of Mape in North Tongu District celebrate their annual Apenorto Festival.

Wli Falls Festival photo available map available

The chiefs and people of the three communities forming the Wli Tradition Area - Agoviefe, Afegame and Todzi - celebrate their waterfall festival in September.

Apoo Festival  map available

This festival is celebrated by the people of Techiman and Wenchi in the Brong Ahafo Region. It ...

Fordjour (Yam Festival)  map available

It is celebrated in the months of August and September. This ya festival is celebrated annually by the chiefs and people of Badu in the Wenchi...

Sasabobirim Festival   map available

This festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Awuah Domase near Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region. It is celebrated in...

Kwafie Festival  map available

It is a week-long celebration held in November and December. Kwafie festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of ...

Masquerading Festival photo available map available

It started around the 1920's and is celebrated on the 1st of January every year and draws large crowds from all over...

Edina Bronya  map available

This festival is a novel Christmas introduced to the people of Elmina during the Dutch era of the colonial period...

Edina Bakatue Festival photo available map available

Literally translated means "The opening of the Lagoon" or the Draining of the Lagoon". It is celebrated...

Akwambo Festival  map available

The festival literally meaning "path-clearing", is celebrated by the people of Agona in the Central Region.

Panafest  map available

Pan-African Historic Festival is a major biennial event of cultural forum for Africans and people of African descent as well as friends of the.... continent committed to the noble

Odwira Festival  map available

The Odwira Festival which is celebrated by the Denkyira people runs for weeks, beginning at Jukwa, the traditional capital, and ends at Dunkwa-on Offin, the administrative capital...

Bobum or Dipo Festival  map available

Dipo is celebrated in April by the people of Manya and Yilo Krobo in the towns of Krobo Odumase and Somanya, about 80 kilometres north of Accra.

Odwira and Ohum Festivals  map available

Akuapem Odwira and Chum Festivals, two of the famous and most important cultural festivals celebrated in the country, are celebrated in turns by the chains of towns on the Akuapem Ridge.

Ngmayem Festival  map available

This is the annual traditional harvest and thanksgiving festival of the Krobo people...

Akwantukese Festival photo available map available

This festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of New Juaben Traditional Area in the first week of November each year...

Begoro Odwlra Festival (Ahwie Festival)  map available

It is an occasion for dedicated worship of great titular gods and goddesses of the nation, the period for the cleansing of filth and...

Ohum Festival   map available

Celebrated in Akyem (Abuakwa Traditional area).
The festival is celebrated twice a year. These are known as OhumKan and OhumKyire and celebrated in June/July and September/ October respectively

Klovo Sikplemi Festival  map available

Celebrated in Somanya during the period of November and its significance is paying of homage to ancestral home on the Krobo mountains.

Odwira Festival  map available

Celebrated in Aburi, Akropong-Akwapim,Larteh, Amanorkrom, Ahwerase in the period of September/October...

Ngmayem  map available

Celebrated in October by the people of Dodowa, this is the annual traditional harvest...

Gobandawu (Yam) Festival  

Gobandawu marks the beginning of the new harvest seasons by the traditional areas in the Northern Regions...

Damba Festival  

The Damba festival is celebrated bythe Mamprusis. The main venue...

Boaram Festival  map available

Boaram is the festival for the Talensis in the Bongo Tradition Area who reside at Bongo. It is held between october and November every year.

Sekondi Kundum photo available map available

The people of Sekondi celebrate their annual Kundum Festival between July and August. It is believed that Kundum originated from Ahanta Aboade, a village on the Tarkwa- Takoradi road...

Adae Kese Festival  map available

This is a very important, albeit rare celebration of the Ashantis. It is held in a large open space in the capital city of Kumasi. The festival is normally well attended and embraced by Ashantis from...

Papa Festival  map available

Celebrated on an Akwasidae date, mostly in March in Kumawu, (Sekyere East District), activities begins with sacrificial rituals on the eve of the actual day...

Kente Festival photo available map available

Celebrated in July/ August in Bonwire, (Ejisu-Juaben District). A colourful assembly of local chiefs and people of Bonwire, where participants adorn themselves with beautifully woven Kente clothes and designs which they have created.

Yaa Asantewaa Festival photo available map available

It is celebrated in August by the Ejisu, (Ejisu-Juaben District). A durbar of chiefs presided over by the paramount chief of Ejisu Traditional area.

Mmoa Nni Nko Festival  map available

A colourful durbar of chiefs accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing amid merry making and funfair and firing of musketry...

Nkyidwo Festival photo available map available

Celebrated in the last Monday in November/1st Monday in December by the Essumeja, (Bekwai District)...

Fetu Afahye (Carnival)  map available

This festival is being celebrated by the people of Oguaa or Cape Coast Traditional Area in the Central Region.

Independence Day - 6th March photo available map available

The largest national spectacle and display of colour takes place in Black Star Square on Independence Day. Each government service is represented in full ceremonial dress: the army, navy, air force, police, firemen, special...

Okyir Festival  map available

Okyir is the major festival celebrated by the people of Anomabu. It is celebrated as a sign of cleansing or purification of the town from filth, evil spirits etc.

Highlights of the festival include the following activities:

Odunkwaa Festival  map available

This is a week long festival which starts on Easter Monday. The festival has two venues: Abakrampa, the seat of the traditional area and Abura Dunkwa, the administrative capital. Rituals are performed near the state shrine. The festival is characterized by the fencing of the Odum Tree which is regarded as sacred, and believed to have protected the people from attacks during their wars.

Nyeyi and Tuakron  map available

The Komenda-Nyeyi festival is celebrated in honour of departed heroes and heroines for their great contribution to the various traditional areas and the "Tuakron", meaning settling on new lands is celebrated by the people of Hemang.