Adventure Tourism

Paga Crocodile Pond  photo available map available

Have you ever wanted a close encounter with an amazingly ancient predator? Paga Crocodile Pond is an experience you won't soon forget.

Gambaga Scarp   map available

You can make a stop-over at Gambaga and have the opportunity to visit the Gambaga Kings Palace and the

The Sacred Groves photo available map available

The Tano and Buoyem Groves feature fabulous rock formations. The source of the Tano River begins from the grove...

Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary  map available

Egyambra Crocodile Sanctuary is located 55km west of Takoradi, the local fetish ...

Wassa Domama Rock Shrine  map available

At Dormaa in the Wassa Mpohor District, is a rock shrine consisting of a huge rock stack on top of three rocks forming a shelter of nearly three...

Adventure Canoe Trips photo available 

After an 8-kilometre hike from Dormaa through forest and farmlands, you reach the village of Bansie. This village is located on the banks of the Pra River, one of Ghana’s longest...

Mt. Afadjato & Togbo Falls at Liati Wote  map available

Do you simply want to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature?

There is no better place to do it than Liati Wote. With over 300 species of butterflies, laiti Wote’s forest is home to one of the...

Xavi Birding Watching and Cultural Tours on the Lotor River photo available map available

Xavi is a Ewe village whose rich culture is deeply rooted in the traditional beliefs of the area, commonly referred to as juju. Traditional rites are performed every year at different...

Ghana Adventure photo available 

Ghanadventure offers an ecotourism two-week vacation in the Volta and Eastern Regions. Trekking, beaches, isolated mountain villages, discover Ghana from the inside!

"Akonnedi Shrine, Larteh"  map available

Larteh is 56km north of Accra, on the Akwapim Ridge. There you will find the Akonnedi Shrine where herbal medicine as well as psychic healing is practiced by the fetish Priests. A fee is charged to observe religious ceremonies.


This festival is celebrated by the people of Asebu Traditional Area. A mock warfare is re-enacted to instill the spirit of bravery in the people, and also to commemorate the....