The most easterly region of Ghana, bordering on Togo, the Volta Region is an area of extraordinary scenic beauty. The rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, and lagoons, rivers and waterfall make for one of nature’s most attractive gift to Ghana. The region stretches from the coastal plains on the Atlantic coast right up to the arid lands of the north, and climatic conditions can vary tremendously. From the coastal plain, fringed by sun-dappled beaches and mangrove swamps, through moist deciduous rain forests in the central belt, where Mt. Afadjato at 885m is the highest point in Ghana, to the arid savannah of northern Ghana, you can experience almost every tropical climate in West Africa.

This region is also dominated by the River Volta and Lake Volta, on its western flank. The lake is a source of power, and much of the water for the region; it is the water highway to the north, a great fishing lake as well as a popular recreational area.

The festivals and ceremonies reflect the rich diversity of history and culture of tribal life in the region. The relics of European coastal forts and other structures still remain, while further north vestiges of the German colonial era are unmistakable. The regional museum at Ho is an ideal place to understand the background to our heritage.

Hohoe is an important centre of herbal medicine, which is of significant and growing importance both in Ghana and the western world today.

Discover the Wli Waterfalls in the tropical forest near Hohoe, the highest in Ghana, or the nearby Tsatsadu Falls at Alavanyo, or the Tagbo Falls at Liate Wote which are almost as spectacular. Afadjato Mountain attracts climbers of all ages, while the Kalakpa Game Production Reserve is a special place for environmentalists.

Volta is famous for its festivals and ceremonies, of which the Hogbetsotso of the Anlos people in November is probably the most famous. The people of Wli have a unique festival to give thanks for the gift of water.

The main gateway from Togo is at Aflao, and hotels, guest houses and restaurants can be found in all the main centres, including Ho, Keta, Kpando and Hohoe.

The beaches of the Volta estuary are amongst the best in Ghana. Swimming is popular in some areas, although the sea is generally rough along the Atlantic coast. New hotels are providing facilities for waters ports and deep sea fishing. Tuna, tarpon and barracuda may be caught, and arrangements can be made in advance through the local hotels.


The region is located at the eastern part of Ghana, sharing its eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo, western with the Volta River and Lake. The southern border is the Atlantic Ocean, wile the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region.


The main economic activities are farming, fishing, animal rearing, petty commerce and tourism.


The people of the region are made up of Ewe, Adele, Nchumuru, Akpafu, Atwode, Lolbi, Tafi, Avatime and Akan. Others are Santrokofi, Nyagbo, Buem, Bowiri, Logba, Ga-Adangbe.

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Historic Sites

Fort Prinzenstein  map available

This fort played a significant role in the slave trade involving Europeans in West Africa, the Caribbean and southern USA.

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Places of Interest

Grottos and Caves photo available map available

Etched out of limestone, the grottos and caves of Volta Region are dramatic.

Beaches photo available map available

The Keta District has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches full of coconut trees in West Africa.

Lighthouse at Woe  map available

There is a lighthouse at Woe not far from Keta, which directs ships during the night. It architecture is very unique. It is also believed that there is a huge underwater mountain off the coast of Woe, which necessitated the building of the lighthouse.

Amedzofe   map available

Enjoy the refreshing climate and Panoramic Views!
Welcome to this picturesque hilltop settlement of extraordinary beauty, which rests at 2,500 feet above the sea level.

Aduklu Mountain Hike  map available

This challenging mountain Hike is led by a Tour guide right up to the topmost part of Adaklu Mountain. It is located 12kms...

Dedukorpe Ostrich Farm photo available map available

The farm is one of the peculiarities of the region. A host...

Antique Ceramics photo available map available

Vume a small village near Sogakope, produces large volumes of antique ceramics known as ‘Soga Soga’. Large tracts of clay...

Shairi Village  map available

The village of Shairi, up the hills near the Ghana-Togo ranges (16km from Nkwanta) is

The Old Kete-Krachi Slave Route  map available

The old Kete-Krachi, now completely under water except for three building the German barracks, used to be a very important nodal...

Mountain Dzebobo  

Mountain Dzebobo and others offer beautiful scenery. The area has a cool near temperate climate. On top of the hill,

Dzemeni Market  map available

Dzemeni market along the bank of the Volta Lake is becoming one of the most...

German Building at Kpando  map available

There are two separate storey building once used as hospital by the Germans at Kpando. Overlooking Kpando town is the old German Governor’s...

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Festivals and Events

Hogbetsotso Festival  photo available map available

On the first Saturday of every November, a grand durbar of chiefs and people is held at Anloga, the traditional home of the Anlo-speaking Ewes.

Agbamevoza (kente festival) of the Agotime people  map available

The cheifs and people of Agotome traditional area, a few kilometres east of Ho, who are indeed Ga-Adanbhes celebrate their annual Kente festivals in August every year.

Amu (Rice) Festival of the people of vane in the Ho District photo available map available

As the name implies, the festival is centred around the harvest of rice so it is a harvest festival. It is celebrated at Vane

Sasadu Festival  map available

In October, any of the four communities forming the SASADU i.e. Saviefe,..

Dzawuwu Festival of Agave-Ewes  map available

In every February, the chiefs and people of the Agave traditional area celebrate their annual Dzawuwu festival at Dabala, their cief commercial centre....

Keta Sometutuza Festival  map available

Two weeks after the Anlo-Ewes celebrate Hogbetsotso festival, their cousins, the Some-Ewes celebrate their Keta-Sometutuza at Agbozume, their traditional home.

Ayimagonu Festival of Dofor-Ewes  

The chiefs and people of Dofor Traditional Area in North Tongu District have as their major town Dofor Adidome and...

Yam-Festival of the People of Ho and immediate environs  map available

In mid- September to September ending, the cheifs and people of Asogli Stre (Ho) and sorrounding areas such as Sokode...

Gbidukor Fetival of the Gbi-Ewes  map available

In November, the chiefs of Gbi (North) Hohoe areas and Gbi (South) Peki areas celebrate their annual...

Akwantutenten Festival of the people of Worawora (Akans)  map available

The chiefs and people of Warowaro who are Akans celebrate their new revived festival called Akwantutenten.

Glimetotoza of the Adaklu people  map available

The chiefs and people of Adaklu traditional area celebrate Glimetotoza to commemorate their exodus from Notsie in present-day Nortern Togo to their...

Apenorto Festival of the people of Mepe  map available

The chiefs and people of Mape in North Tongu District celebrate their annual Apenorto Festival.

Wli Falls Festival photo available map available

The chiefs and people of the three communities forming the Wli Tradition Area - Agoviefe, Afegame and Todzi - celebrate their waterfall festival in September.

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Wildlife and Nature Reserves

The Waterfalls of the Volta Region  photo available map available

Although some waterfalls may be seasonal, all are set in attractive wooded or mountain settings.

Kyabobo National Park photo available map available

A newly designated national park in the foothills of Mt Djebobo, on the border with Togo...

Lake Volta Estuary  map available

The estuary is an area of great scenic beauty, with river and ocean beaches, and picnic spots shaded by palm trees.

Tafi Monkey Village photo available map available

The sacred monkey sanctuaries around Tafi Atome, some 5km away from the Avatime Hills

Avi-Fauna of the Kadjebi District  map available

There are several bird species in the Kadjebi District. These include waver birds,

Coastal Ramsar Sites - Keta Lagoon  map available

The Ramsar site is 1200 km2 including the eastern bank of the Volta river and the Togo boarder. The surface area of the principal lagoon and the seasonal mud flats is over 300 km2.

Kalakpa Resource Reserve photo available map available

From Accra, Kalakpa Resource Reserve can be reached through Juapong on a branch off the main Accra to Ho road. The Ho to Abutia Kloe road through Sokode can access the reserve.

Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary  map available

The area boasts of the most spectacular geographical feature in the district. An hour's walk through cool shades of trees will lead you to Ghana's highest waterfalls.

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Sports & Leisure

The Dodi Princess photo available map available

The Dodi Princess, which predates the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, is a modern passenger cruise ship built in 1991 with an insured passenger capacity..

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Backpacking & Camping

Logba Tota in the Volta Region photo available 

Nestled high in the Avatime hills, this hilltop, farming village offers spectacular views of surrounding villages, deep lush valleys, Mt. Gemi, and even Lake Volta!

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Adventure Tourism

Mt. Afadjato & Togbo Falls at Liati Wote  map available

Do you simply want to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature?

There is no better place to do it than Liati Wote. With over 300 species of butterflies, laiti Wote’s forest is home to one of the...

Xavi Birding Watching and Cultural Tours on the Lotor River photo available map available

Xavi is a Ewe village whose rich culture is deeply rooted in the traditional beliefs of the area, commonly referred to as juju. Traditional rites are performed every year at different...

Ghana Adventure photo available 

Ghanadventure offers an ecotourism two-week vacation in the Volta and Eastern Regions. Trekking, beaches, isolated mountain villages, discover Ghana from the inside!

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Facts and History

The Grave of Dr. Ephraim Amu  map available

At Peki Avetile one can find the grave of Dr. Ephraim Amu, the celebrated Ghanaian musicologist who used authentic Ghanaian...

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Medical Information photo available map available

In the Volta Region you don't have problem with your health, facilities awaits for you

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