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Festivals and Events

The Edina Bakatue Festival The Edina Bakatue Festival
The Edina Bakatue Festival

Edina Bakatue Festival

Literally translated means "The opening of the Lagoon" or the Draining of the Lagoon". It is celebrated to commemorate the founding of the town, Elmina by the Europeans. It is also celebrated to invoke the deity, Nana Benya's continuous protection of the state and its people.

During the celebration, the Paramount Chief and his sub-chiefs, elders’ fetish priests and priestesses, and indeed the entire state offer the sacred food of eggs and mashed yam mixed with palm oil to the river god and prays for peace.

All rituals are performed on Mondays. Fetish priests and priestesses and drummers take turns to perform their rituals. There is a performance of the spiritually possessed chief fetish priest as he responds to spiritual revelations.

There is royal possession made up of gorgeously dressed chiefs and stool carriers, some riding in beautifully decorated palanquins. After performing some rituals at the riverside, the chief priest casts his net three times and announces the lifting of the ban on fishing, drumming, funerals and other social activities in the traditional area.

There is a spectacular ride on the lagoon by women resplendent in "Kente" cloth and local festive headgears. A royal procession leading to the chief's palace amidst traditional music ends the festival

Map only shows points of interest within a few kilometers of Edina Bakatue Festival.