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Places of Interest

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Widenaba (In the Red Volta Valley)


The people of Wadnaba have a rich cultural history that began a long time ago in Burkina Faso to the North. Then there was an area known as Kusanga, where the Kusanga clan multiplied into a very large family over the years. The chief landlord of Kusanga left behind 3 sons and a daughter when he died. But by then, the land was overburdened by the size of the clan. Rather than divide up the land of their forefathers, the siblings decided to set out in search of new lands. The eldest son brought his horse with him. They first same to Zooga, where they had good harvests and their horse delivered two good horses. This was a sign of good luck. The youngest brother remained in Zooga, while the others moved on. The nest land they came to yielded even better harvests and the horse delivered three young horses. This was an exceptional sign of good luck. The eldest brother decided to settle here, and named the land Widnaba, or Horse Chief. The other two siblings continued on an eventually founded the towns of Tillli and Kusanaba.

The Kusaasis are known as the people of the earth because of their belief that the chief God-Winam-created all things. Animals, plant and people were formed from the earth of his world. Winam continues to dwell with his creations in the atmosphere of this world. Here, spirits of the deceased can commune with the chief spirit while remaining close to their surviving families.


Take a hike to the surrounding hillside accompanied by tour guides to the north of Widnaba and Zebilla. The views are fantastic, and you can see far into Burkina Faso. Visit the enchanted spring, and see musical rocks.

Go on a guided tour of the slave market. This including visiting a hallowed baobab tree where the slaves were held captive, visiting shrines where sacrifices were made to end slavery and visiting the “safety tree” where people would hide and let the tindana (land priest) keep watch against the slave traders.

Widnaba is one of the communities in the Red Volta River Valley and a migratory corridor for a small population of Africa Savannah Elephants. You can also hike to the river bed to see other species. There are many species of birds. You can even make arrangements with a guide to go wildlife spotting at night using special lanterns.

You can also tour other point of interest including the chief’s palace and a tour of the local market. Eat local food, try the local brew, sleep in a traditional Kusaasi hut and listen to stories of the Kusaasi forefathers. Witness a traditional funeral, and listen and dance to the music of the local musicians

Map only shows points of interest within a few kilometers of Widenaba (In the Red Volta Valley).