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Wildlife and Nature Reserves

View of the Hills in Shai Resource Reserve View of the Hills in Shai Resource Reserve
View of the Hills in Shai Resource Reserve

Shai Resource Reserve

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is found in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana, approximately 50km north-east of the capital of Accra on the main road between Accra and the Volta Region. The reserve, which is 5,140ha (51km1 in area, was first gazetted as a forest reserve in 1962 and is presently administered and managed by the Wildlife Division of the Ghana Forestry Commission.

The reserve consists of a very striking and attractive range of rocky hills set in the middle of expansive open and wooded grassland plains. The Shai Hills, which rise more than 200m above the surrounding land, are made up primarily of hornblende gneiss, highly regarded as a quarry stone. The rock is visible in many places along the hills as impressive and steep cliffs and large and attractive rocky outcrops. There are several cave systems in the hills, some of which have played and continue to play an important role in local history, culture and tradition.

At present, the reserve supports 31 species of mammals, more than 175 species of birds and 13 reptile species. The principal mammal species presently found in the reserve and which are of importance to visitors and tourists include western kob (about 150), oribi (not common), grey duiker, bushbuck, serval, civet, genet, anubis baboon, vervet monkey and spot-nosed monkey. Game population numb&rs and densities, however, are currently very low and the game viewing experience is not that rewarding.

At present, the reserve is used mostly by day-visitors who either drive along some of the 17km of tourist roads and tracks or hike along walking-trails that have b&en established in the hills. There are presently no ovemight facilities for visitors, other than dormitory-like accommodation for school groups and a very rudimentary camp site. Other than a small entrance gate, two fairly basic picnic sites and a museum building that is nearing completion, there are currently no other tourist facilities or amenities in the reserve.

Map only shows points of interest within a few kilometers of Shai Resource Reserve.