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Festivals and Events

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Samanpiid Festival

It is celebrated by the Kusasis in the Bawku Traditional Area in November and December every year. its significance is to give thanks to the gods for good harvest. There are hosts of sacrifices followed by merry-making to climax it.

Kusasis are a tribe in the north eastern and the south eastern part of Ghana and Burkina Fasso (Boulgou Province), respectively in West Africa. In Burkina Fasso, the neighboring language to the west is Nankani, a related dialect to Frafra and to the north and east, the Bissa. Kusasis in Ghana are north of the Gambaga scarp. To the west are the Talensi, Frafra and Nabdem; to the south are the Mamprusis and east are the Bimoba and Moba. Kusasis occupy about 700 and 3,300 square km in Burkina Fasso and Ghana, respectively. They occupy two administrative districts in Ghana known as Bawku East and Bawku West Districts in the Upper East Region. About 75% of Kusasis live in Ghana and the language spoken by Kusasis is known as Kusaal. Kusasis speak two dialects depending on geographic location. Kusaal's western dialect is known as Tuan and the eastern dialect is called Agol. The language is closely related to Dagbani and Mampruli, Frafra and Moore. In Ghana, Zebilla is the administrative town for the Bawku West and Bawku is the administrative town for Bawku East District. Bawku West include towns like Tilli, Binaba, Kusanaba, Zongbeyire, Sapeliga and Kobori and was recently carved from Bawku East District in 1988. Towns in Bawku East include Bazua, Binduri, Pusiga and Garu.

Map only shows points of interest within a few kilometers of Samanpiid Festival.