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Festivals and Events

Damba Festival Damba Festival
Damba Festival

Damba Festival

The Damba festival is categorized into three main festivals, namely:

*Somo Damba
*Naa Damba
*Belkusi Damba

It is celebrated under the lunar calendar by the people of Dagbon, Mamprugu, Gonja, Mamprugui, Nanumba.

The significance of the festival is to commemorate the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Activities includes prayers and fasting and procession of people on horseback, amidst drumming and dancing.

Originally linked with Islam to mark the birth of Mohammed, the festival has gradually taken on a traditional rather than Islamic tone. The 2-day festival is full of pageantry and showmanship and is celebrated in the towns of Dagbon, Gonjaland, Mamprusiland and Nanumbaland.

Map only shows points of interest within a few kilometers of Damba Festival.